Align your leadership behind a clear post-lockdown story

So lockdown is coming to an end. We are heading back to the 'new normal'. Customers are beginning to venture out. Suppliers are getting back online. Your people are wondering what's what. They look to you, the leaders, to give them confidence. To shine a light upon the path ahead.

I'm sure you have your plans. The nuts and bolts. The how and the what. This, I'm sure you have been covering. But have you got your story sorted? Are you all aligned on the narrative. On the big why. And can you communicate it with confidence?

If not, you may find that the way you communicate as a leadership team brings uncertainty. Fear even. An uncomfortableness which saps energy.

Rather, it would be better to ignite your people. Get them back up and running with passion and excitement. Your employee experience will rub off on your customer experience. So you need to get this right.

How could you do this?

My answer: you need to have aligned around a leadership story. You need to take out some time. Focus. And craft a powerful story.