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Branders: Dare to be different

I am truly honoured [and somewhat amazed!] to find myself on the cover of Branders Magazine's March 2024 edition dedicated to the theme of 'Brand Strategy'.

Branders Issue 34

In this issue, I share the space with esteemed fellow contributors from across the world, each a titan in their own right:

  • Omar Quiñones, Founding Chief Strategy Officer at MEL

  • Terri Goldstein, CEO at Goldstein Group Branding

  • Steven Picanza, Creative Brand Strategist and voice of "Talking with Branders" Podcast

  • Ben Ingersoll, Co-founder at minds + assembly

  • Bill Kenney, Founder & CEO at Focus Lab and Author of "Conquer Your Rebrand"

  • Cristián Saracco, Founding Partner at Allegro 234 and Senior Strategy Advisor at FutureBrand

  • Emmanuel Probst, Global Lead: Brand Growth & Thought-Leadership at Ipsos and WSJ Best-Selling Author

  • Fabricio Mancebo, Creative & Brand Senior Manager at Neom Sindalah Island and Author of "The Revolution of Brands"

  • Matt Helfrich, Senior Project Manager and UK Branch Manager at LINK Strategic Partners

  • Vanessa Moulédous, Branding expert, mentor & advisor

Their contributions are nothing short of brilliant, each bringing a unique perspective to the table and advancing our understanding of brand strategy in today's dynamic business landscape.

Dare to be different

My article, "Brand Strategy: Dare to Be Different," dives into the essence of true strategy beyond the buzzwords. It's about defining and managing the unique value that businesses bring to their audiences - a crucial step for any brand seeking to stand out and grow in a crowded marketplace. I discuss how "meaningfully different" brands grow three times faster than their counterparts, emphasizing the importance of a Unique Value Proposition (UVP) that transcends product features to encapsulate a brand's distinct benefits and experiences.

Great brand strategy is revolutionary, not evolutionary. It's about crafting a future so bold and unique that it disrupts the status quo and positions your brand as the only choice in the minds of your customers. This approach is not about being just a little different; it's about being the only. Want to know more? Download your copy FOR FREE here »

I am beyond grateful for this opportunity to share my insights in Branders Magazine alongside such distinguished colleagues. Let's continue to push the boundaries of brand strategy, daring to be different and making our marks in the world.


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