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Join the Brand Consultancy Accelerator

This ones for the brand strategists, marketeers and designers who want to get into consultancy.

I'm honoured to have been asked by the super Stephen Houraghan and his team to create a 4 week Brand Consultant Accelerator for the Brand Master Academy. It's designed to help brand builders get up to speed as a consultant as swiftly as possible.

The blurb:

Exhausted by aimless branding projects and directionless clients who don’t know what they want? Craving collaboration with forward-thinking businesses, leaders and teams who value real branding? It’s time to raise the bar, elevate your career, and work with partners who truly invest in their future!

This comprehensive 4-week Accelerator program, led by renowned industry expert Matt Davies, will guide you through the entire process of building a successful consulting agency. The programme has 4 live webinars, downloadable workbooks, Q and As, methods tools, resources and more.

The video:

what you’ll learn:

  • Develop Your Consulting Competencies - Discover the core competencies you need to effectively provide consultancy services and how to develop them from facilitation to legalities and everywhere in between.

  • Structure Your Consulting Offer - Learn how to build the systems and structure into your consulting offering from approach to positioning to pricing and beyond.

  • Reframe Your Branding Business - Explore how to convert prospects into consultant clients with effective sales, proposal and onboarding strategies that work

  • Expand Your Consulting Base - Learn sophisticated strategies to increase your recurring revenue with advanced offerings, elongated contracts, cross selling and much much more.

Who's it for?

The Brand Consulting Accelerator is designed for folks in the brand building space. Strategists, Designers and Marketeers - especially those offering tactical project based work - who want to move into a consulting model where they attract longer term clients and obtain more financial stability will get lots out of this course.

When does it start?

June 6th 2023

How much does it cost?


How do I join?

Tickets are selling fast so if this is of interest, find out more and reserve your seat now to avoid disappointment:

I hope to see you there!


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