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BrandPIVOT - FREE Online Course launched to help Businesses stay relevant

I'm thrilled to announce the launch of BrandPIVOT - A FREE online leadership workshop to help businesses innovate & keep relevant in the Corona crisis.

What is BrandPIVOT?

As business leaders we know we need to come up with new ideas to keep relevant - especially in these difficult times. But how do you do it? That's what my new course BrandPIVOT is all about. BrandPIVOT is a collaborative leadership course / workshop / training / innovation structure / process to come up with new business ideas. It's designed to inspire and give leadership teams some help to create value as a business in this 🦠 Corona Crisis.

It's based on work I've been doing with some of my clients. I've taken my learning and process and now offer it to you for FREE because I know its tough.

Who's BrandPIVOT for?

Brand Pivot is perfect for leadership teams who:

✅ Need to pivot their business to keep relevant

Need help to align around a plan

Want to come up with new ideas fast

Need inspiration and a simple process they can follow

Are feeling overwhelmed and need help

How does it work?

It's really easy to go through - simply get your innovation "SWAT" team together. Watch the video 🎬. Pause as directed. Run through the sprint. Come back together again at a set time to share insights and make decisions. Repeat.

The BrandPIVOT process has 5 sprints and can be done at your own pace (probably in a day is the shortest I'd recommend - might be best to do it over a week). It explains principles and a framework. Use it in your context as you need.

How do I access BrandPIVOT

Watch for FREE on Youtube here:

I genuinely hope this free course will help you. If it does please be sure to reach out to me and let me know! Keep safe.


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