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Brands and AI - I'm published in [Branders] Magazine

I’m thrilled to have had an article published in the latest issue (#21) of the global branding magazine [Branders].

This edition is all about innovation. My article all about Brands and AI. It's entitled “The rise of the machines - Brands and AI”. We are at the cusp of a new era of time when our technical capabilities are accelerating. And, as brand-builders, standing here gazing into this new future, it is well worth asking ourselves what this means for brands. I took up the opportunity in the article to review how AI technology can impact brand building. I look at the challenges of this amazing technology in de-personalizing the customer experience but also the opportunities for brands who harness it well to scale and improve engagement.


"Ultimately though AI mimics intelligence. It deals from pre-set perimeters. It is not intelligent to the extent that a creative human being is. AI is not so good at dreaming and imagining a better future. It will struggle to create art. It simply uses algorithms which pull on on data inputs and give an output. Big questions arise when we consider the morality of these types of systems - who is inputting the parameters? Who takes responsibility for AI technology? What if AI is set up for a better business outcome and not a better customer outcome? When does the use of predictability become manipulation? Does it matter if a customer knows they are not speaking to a real human or will the customer feel cheated to know they have been guided by a robot?
The creative, emotional, personable and empathetic input in brand building, innovation and customer experience cannot be replaced by AI - ultimately brands and the experiences they give to their audiences are human. And humans are emotional.
So is AI helpful. Undoubtedly so. But will it give us all the answers? Absolutely not. Humans build brands and humans judge whether brands are valuable or not. Let us never loose sight of that and let us use (or refuse to use) AI always with the customer in mind as we seek to manage the meaning that our brands have in our customer's minds."

It really is a privilege to appear alongside a set of superstar brand leaders from around the globe.

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