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BrandStart Podcast Interview: Creating Global Brands

It was an honour to sit down with BrandStarts host and founder of The Vineyard, Leonard Grape from the Philippines, to discuss how to go about building a Global Brand.

If you are a business leader with ambitions of scaling-up abroad this ones for you. Within the episode I outline a clear step by step guide to taking your brand global and what you need to be focusing on at each stage to maximise your brand's impact.


The podcast BLURB:

To build a global brand is a herculean task. While brand development is at the core and an integral part of it, it requires several phases and strategic considerations to move from a local, to national, and then international presence. Matt Davies, a brand strategy consultant, joins Leonard for an expanded discussion of how you bring your company to a global scale with focus on the management of meaning and the operational intricacies that need to be streamlined.

It starts by asking big brand questions – 1) Why do you exist beyond making money? 2) Who do you serve and why should they care? 3) How do you show up to them in a relevant way? 4) What is your offering and proposition?

This episode is jampacked and you should listen to this if you want to learn a detailed, phase by phase, and structured approach on global branding and the various nuances within the brand development process that you need to consider if you are planning to scale your company internationally.

Listen here


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