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Happy New Year 24!

Hello brand builders!

Wishing you a prosperous New Year!

As we embark on 2024, I'm eager to contribute value to your journey. If you're a business leader seeking to craft strategies, expand your enterprise, foster stakeholder connections, and empower your team, I invite you to stay tuned for a wealth of brand, culture, and business strategy tools, tips, inspiration, and insights.

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Here's to a year of growth and success!

To kick things off for 2024, here are two projects of mine you might find helpful:

The Just Branding Podcast

My co-host, Jacob Cass and I have just concluded Season 4 of our Podcast Just Branding. A podcast all about brand building where we interview the brightest global minds on aspects of all of the latest brand strategy thinking. If you've not had a listen yet then our concluding episode might be of interest - its a summary of the key learnings from 2023.

Season 5 will be launching soon and we have a whole host of top business and branding experts lined up to deliver huge value to your ears so be sure to subscribe wherever you like to listen to your pods.

The Matt Davies Mastermind Group

Will you be working on building a brand (or brands!) this year? Do you want some support from fellow brand builders? The Matt Davies Mastermind Group might just be for you!

We now have around 40 branders from all around the world tuning in on a monthly basis to learn from, support and inspire each other as we navigate the challenging world of brand-building.

So - all the best for 2024 and thank you for being part of my Network.

Let's do this 💪


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