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Happy new year (and gifts! 🎁)

For my first post of the year, I want to wish you every success in the new year ahead. Keep safe. Keep kind. Keep positive.

I hope I can be of service to you this year. Want to grow your business, engage stakeholders and re-energise and focus your team? Follow my content for brand, culture and business strategy tools, tips, inspiration and insights.

I also consult - you know where I am if you need a burst of brand energy to engage stakeholders, align leadership, collaboratively design the future and move the dial in 2021.

Brand Gifts 🎁

Free brand talks and events:

To kick off the new year why not attend two FREE talks I'll be speaking at:



I’m excited to invite you to the "Fight & Grow: Brand Mastery" global virtual event hosted by Designhill. I’ll be speaking about "Agile Strategies to stand out as a brand” alongside some cracking panellists including the world-class experts that are Stef Hamerlinck, Sunny Bonnell, Philip VanDusen and Lisa Hastings.

So why not sign up today for what promises to be a value-packed session for any business leader looking to level up this year.

WHEN 📅 : Monday, 11th Jan 2021 @ 03:30 PM GMT



Join me at the UK's biggest start-up show of the new year hosted by Enterprise Nation. If you are thinking of starting a business you'll love this value-packed event. I’ll be speaking on Build a Brand "Brand me: Why your personal branding is key" alongside a number of entrepreneurs and advisers.

WHEN 📅 : Saturday 23 January


Best of JUSTBranding Podcast episode

So here's a little new year present from me and my Podcast co-host, Jacob Cass...

🎙 Discover the top learnings from Season 1 of the JUST Branding Podcast including world-class branding insights from experts such as:

⭐️ Marty Neumeier,

⭐️ Chris Do,

⭐️ Michael Johnson

⭐️ Melinda Livsey,

⭐️ Michael Janda,

⭐️ Tom Ross,

⭐️ Rob Meyerson,

⭐️ Stephen Houraghan,

⭐️ Stef Hamerlinck,

⭐️ Tobias Dahlberg,

⭐️ Valerie Jacobs,

⭐️ Sunny Bonnell,

⭐️ Ashleigh Hansberger,

⭐️ + more!

Don’t miss this mighty episode with the brilliant Jacob Cass and little old me as we review the year!

SEASON 2 - Starts Jan 12

E1: Smart Strategy with Kevin Duncan

E2: Brand & Culture Fusion with Denise Yohn

E3: Creative Bravery with Lisa Hastings

E4: Creativity, Innovation & Intuition with Natalie Nixon - The Creativity Leap

E5: Cracking Complexity with Systems Thinking – David Benjamin

E6: Brand Building Mistakes with Jacqueline Brini-Lieberman

E7: Primal Human Desires with Nathan Hendricks

E8: Logos VS Brands with Bill Gardner

+ more great guests already lined up.


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