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How to have a competitive employer brand in 2024

This one is going to be super fun (and hopefully super interesting!).

As we start 2024, are you facing a high growth situation? Do you need to hold onto talent and nurture it? Do you know that culture is the secret to success? That your people are your brand?

Then tune into this FREE webinar ("How to have a competitive employer brand in 2024") being held by The People Experience Hub and hosted by the brilliant Ted Hewett.

On the Panel:

👉 April Homer : Partner and Chief People Officer, Cooper Parry

👉 Viki Freeman : Chief Strategy Officer, Airship Interactive

👉 Yours truly : Strategy Consultant and Executive Advisor


Join us for an informative webinar as we dive deep into the techniques and strategies to create a competitive and attractive employer brand.

In this session we’ll be going into the why, what, and how of creating an employer brand that works for you and your business; we'll explore how to effectively leverage people data to gain insights into your workforce, and we'll provide actionable steps to optimise the employer brand lifecycle process, from crafting compelling job descriptions to enhancing employee experiences.


Thursday 24th January 2024



Sign up here:

I hope to see you there!


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