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Panel discussion: Building Powerful Brands Through Personal Branding

I'm thrilled to be part of a global expert discussion panel who have been put together by the good folks at Designhill.

When and where:

Wednesday, 23rd Mar 2022 @ 3:30 PM GMT @ 10:30 AM EST @ 07:30 AM PDT

Register here (its free!)

The blurb:

In today’s cut-throat competitive business environment, it’s imperative for you to cultivate your personal brand — no matter whether you’re an entrepreneur or professional.

Becoming a leader in your niche is key to opening doors of opportunities that otherwise would not exist. Authenticity, your story, expertise, visibility, and value proposition are key components the most powerful personal brands are built around.

We’d be glad to welcome you to our virtual event on “Building Powerful Brands Through Personal Branding." Don't miss this opportunity to hear from experts and explore personal branding traits that you can develop yourself.

Here is what the event will entail:

  • Why Should You Build A Personal Brand?

  • Tips to define your audience and learn to market yourself.

  • How to determine your unique value proposition.

  • Optimise your website and social profiles.

  • Strategies to build your network and community.

  • Tips for building a compelling brand through narratives.

It'll be an honour for little me to be joining the panel which includes some of the worlds brightest branding brains such as:

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