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Podcast: Healthy Brand

Excited to announce that I've had the honour of appearing on the 'Healthy Brand Podcast' with my friend and fellow podcaster, Jacob Cass.

Hosted by the amazing Howie Chan, we delved deep into our career journeys, branding trends, personal confessions, and more.

Here's a glimpse into what we discussed:

✨ Taking a leap into brand strategy

✨ The journey from being "enemies" to co-hosts

✨ Valuable learnings from the JUST Branding podcast

✨ Evolving trends shaping the world of branding

✨ Advocating for yourself – the art of blowing your own trumpet

✨ Building a robust brand: What it really takes

✨ Differentiation vs. distinctiveness in branding

✨ The ongoing debate on purpose-driven branding

✨ The crucial role of genuine relationships

✨ Crafting your work around an ideal life

✨ Harnessing the power of collaboration

✨ A candid confession about workshops

✨ Exploring the untapped potential in Healthcare brands

Curious to know more? Tune in to the podcast episode and get further deets here:




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