Purpose - the essential secret to brand building

A ‘Purpose Statement’. A crisply defined reason why you do what we do. Is it just a fluffy ‘nice to have’? I think not. Why? Because without defining a brand purpose you will probably struggle to align a team. A defined purpose sets the direction. It becomes a lens through which to view options. It helps you make choices. From it you can build. You can use the purpose as a strategic leadership tool to help create employee experiences which attract the right people. You can use it to build customer experiences which differentiate you. It can help you (and even more importantly your customers) create and tell powerful stories. You can set a logical, reasoned and designed strategy which purposefully motivates and aligns multiple people.

Photo by Jamie Street on Unsplash

In this post I’ve pulled together some insights from some interesting reports on the subject of purpose. I also give a few suggestions on how a business can begin to build a more purposeful culture. I hope you find it useful.