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Speaker - MMM Summit

This is one for all those brilliant Mothers out there.

I’m thrilled to announce that I’m speaking at the Money Making Moms summit!

This week I’m a featured keynote speaker at a virtual summit specifically designed to helping the backbone of our families and our society - Mums!

Dive into the secrets of balancing business success with family life at the Money Making Moms Summit.

Many Mums that I meet - especially new ones are asking this question: How can I achieve balance without compromising my business dreams or family happiness?

You're not alone in this quest. Many moms grapple with these questions as today's world is often tailored towards a dual earning household - leaving Mums seeking a harmony that often feels just out of reach.

This is why I am thrilled to introduce the brilliant Michelle Getz. Michelle embodies the successful integration of entrepreneurship and family life. As a mom of two, a seasoned business owner, and a creative powerhouse, Michelle has navigated these waters with grace and success, earning accolades such as the Silver Addy award in her illustrious career.

Michelle has created, and is the host, of the Money Making Moms Summit. It offers moms business startups the tools to brand their businesses effectively, master their mindsets, and find inspiration in their entrepreneurial journeys—all while maintaining family harmony and being there at the right times for her kids.

When she reached out to me to help - I couldn’t say no!

The summit is a collection of great minds all in one place. You’ll hear from expert speakers like yours truly who will share their insights, strategies, and personal stories of mastering the art of running successful businesses without compromising on family time.

I’m honoured to tell you that I’m guest speaking for this event on my favorite subject of "Brand Strategy" where I share ideas and tips on building powerful brands.

I’m personally inviting you to join me at this free, life-enriching virtual summit. From the comfort of your home, discover how you can nurture your business aspirations and family life simultaneously.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to redefine success on your terms.

Looking forward to seeing you there!


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