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Thank you 2023!

Phew - it’s been quite a year!

2023 has been a blast:

💼 20+ clients serviced from across the world including x8 long term retainer clients

💻 50+ leadership virtual workshops delivered

🎩 30+ physical leadership offsite workshops delivered

⚡️ Presented at 6+ brand launch events

🎧 x5 guest appearances on global podcasts Including 'Let's Talk Brand' and 'Talking with Branders'

📢 x15+ Public talks given on strategy to business audiences (including speaking in Cyprus 🇨🇾, Costa Rica 🇨🇷 and across the UK 🇬🇧 for the likes of #NottinghamDigitalSummit and myforte

🔥 Surpassed 17,000 LinkedIn Connections (they are all real!)

🎖Awarded "Top Branding Voice" by LinkedIn

📣 Helped to co-host 5 events for the likes of Fintech Fringe, Butter 🧈, Hypergalactic and ASIPI

💬 Obtained x11 LinkedIn Recommendations from clients I’ve worked with

🎤 Hosted Season 4 of the award winning JUSTBranding podcast with Jacob Cass 🦩 interviewing ~20+ of the best branding minds from across the globe

👓 x3 visionary workshops delivered with VisionCamp®  (including one for the Minnesota Vikings!) with Sunny Bonnell and Ashleigh Hansberger

♟ Joined Motto® 🏴 as fractional Director of Strategy

🤝 Partnered with Brand Master Academy to run the 4 week 'Brand Consulting Accelerator'

📖 x5 articles published by the likes of Branders Magazine, MarTech, Marketer+ & Today's Conveyancer

✍️ Joined the Editorial Committee of Branders Magazine

👨‍🏫 Launched and grew my Mastermind Group to ~50 brand builders + ran monthly meetups

⚽️ Professionally coached 8 amazing mentees

🤳 x118 bearded selfies taken (!)

I'm officially signing off for today, but before I wrap up, I want to express a huge, heartfelt thank you 🙏.

Gratitude to my fantastic clients, co-conspirators and network. I eagerly anticipate continuing our collaboration into 2024.

A special acknowledgment to everyone who has worked with me and provided support in various capacities throughout this year. It's been an incredible journey.

While 2023 has been outstanding in many ways, I can't shake the feeling that next year holds even more excitement.

To all those who have been by my side in 2023, your support has meant the world. Here's to an even better 2024!

Bring on the new year! 🎉


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