The one slide Brand Strategy

Building brand’s is hard work.

Your “brand” consists of the meaning people attach to you and your offer. “Branding” is the attempt to manage that meaning.

And I get it. With this definition “Branding” can seem like a huge topic. It means thinking about every little thing your business is doing in the light of how your target audience perceives it. It means you need to have made a decision on who that audience is in the first place. It also means aligning your people around what good looks like. This is a daily task.

Sometimes it can seem easier to bumble around - grabbing opportunities and morphing and evolving as you go. But this can lead to a brand which stands for nothing. A brand which has nothing to say. A short term brand with no meaning or value attached to it.

The secret is to take some time out to define your brand principles. To create a high level strategy to hold you, your leadership team and your people accountable to. Principles which you can use to make better, joined up decisions around. A strategy which cuts through traditional business silos and planning but which holds all of your business initiatives in place. Something that is emotional. Inspirational and powerful. Simple but profound. Clear and focused.