How to get a leadership team to agree

Leaders like to lead

Over the years I have seen the inside of many boardrooms and worked with marketing teams of all shapes and sizes. The most surprising thing I have discovered is the number one thing holding businesses back was, to put it bluntly, the people running the businesses themselves.

It’s not that they deliberately do this of course. It’s just when it comes to teams of leaders they all like to, well lead. But what is leading the leaders?

If there is no clear direction idea or strategy then everyone is pulling in different directions. Without a belief system which does not dictate detail but rather guides and informs decisions there is typically problems in alignment.

Photo by Margarida CSilva on Unsplash


I started my career as a graphic designer. The difference between a designer and an artist is purpose. You do not simply use self expression, your work serves a purpose. However I found tha