Brand Story vs Company History.

Your brand story is not your company history.

I often come across "our story" sections on websites which go something like this:

"This company was started in 1992 by our founder Larry in Leeds... Larry went on to win Yorkshire maintenance company of the year award in 1998 and the company grew to 32 staff... In 2005 the company acquired ABCLtd and added a logistics division. This enabled us to deliver goods faster... In 2016 the company reached a significant milestone and turned over £5 million with 103 staff covering the whole of the UK. In 2017 Larry retired and his son, Barry, has now taken over..."

My question to 'stories' like this is; who cares? This is a story that focuses on what not why. It is therefore not emotional. There is nothing here to get behind, nothing to join, nothing to believe in. These are the qualities of a brand and the above story shows all of the hallmarks of a business focuses on making money and that do not appreciate or understand the value of their products and services in the mind of the customer.

Stories. Photo by Dmitrij Paskevic on Unsplash