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Book Launch - Storyategy

It's been just under six months in the writing, copy-setting and proofing but it's finally happened. My new book has finally been published: "Storyategy - Unlock the power of your brand with a story based branding strategy"

What's it about? Branding. And stories.

The days of 'short term', 'sell sell sell' business centric strategies are over. What is needed is new thinking which is customer centric. This book gives you all the keys to unlock your brand and build a longterm, customer centric branding strategy for your business.

The premise of my book is that branding is the management of meaning customers have of your business and that meaning is created by good storytelling. Stories are told in many ways though through how a brand speaks (tone of voice) to how it dresses (design), to how it behaves (marketing and operations). However the most important story a brand tells is the tangible meaning it gives it's customers and how it helps them solve their problems or reach their goals.

It's not about you. It's about them.

Storyategy is a full end-to-end branding process which will unite and equip a leadership team to discover, define and live their brand story.

The book presents it's readers with six steps:

1. Sketch the plot & set the scene

2. Design your audience

3. Discover your archetypal characters

4. Define the evil

5. Put your brand story together

6. Set a strategy for living your story

Within each step there are"principles" (where key foundational branding principles are outlined), "actions" (exercises that a business leadership team can run through) and "outcomes" (the end deliverables of that step).

Each step is designed to be completed in workshops by a businesses leadership team and provide useful and insightful guidance through the branding process. It's an ideal gift for any business owner, marketing manager or anyone looking to transform their business for the long-term.

So I hope you will enjoy it and it helps you achieve your dreams. You can buy it on Amazon:

If you have any comments or suggestions for future editions I'd be most interested to hear from you.

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