12 tips on public speaking

Speaking in front of people. It looks so easy. But it can be so difficult. I was recently asked to put together some thoughts on how to approach public speaking.

First a bit of background. I have no 'qualifications' in the art of speaking in public. No official training. No certifications. But as with most things, a qualification is simply a recognition for training. You don't get one for simply 'doing'. I find getting on with it in the real world can be as good, if not better in some instances, than if formal training has been acquired. Learn on the job. Learn from failures and successes.

From a young age I've been involved in regularly speaking in front of people through my faith community and have nearly 20 years experience in constructing talks and delivering them. I do this on theological Bible based subjects around once a month. So no qualification but heaps of experience.

The skills I've learnt in this have been a huge benefit to me in my career and has led to me speaking at grand places like the Barbican in London, on BBC radio, at awards nights and at business conferences. I even spoke at a clients Christmas party last year!

On top of all this there is the most important part of being a designer and manager - that of communicating ideas and solutions to your clients or team. Of leading workshops and running meetings. This communication is daily and is becoming more and more of an ask for designers.