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Three New Speaking Gigs

Since going freelance speaking has become a regular feature in my calendar. I love it. It's great to give back and help people think differently about themselves, their businesses and the mystical subject of "brand".

I'm really pumped to announce three confirmed speaking gigs for April & May in and around Nottingham. If you can make it - I hope to see you at one of them.

'If you want to succeed. Tell stories.'

LEAP: Creative Industries Expo, Nottingham Trent University, Newton building Tuesday 2nd April 2019 - – 11.30am

This talk, the opening talk of the event, will be all about personal branding. How you present yourself is so important in business, especially if you are just about to enter the creative industries. I will share thoughts on the power of stories and how you can discover, define and develop yours to get people engaged, attentive and immersed as well as giving tips on how to craft and tell your personal brand story.

'Branding inside out'

DisruptHR, East Midlands, Nottingham

Canalhouse, 48-52 Canal St, Nottingham

Thursday 11 April 2019

Being average is no longer good enough. You need to stand out - not in a font, logo and colours kind of way - but in a genuine authentic way. Not just for customers - but for attracting and retaining talent. Come to my talk at DisruptHR and discover how brand storytelling could help you unlock meaning and help you stand for something more than making money.

'Is B2B boring?: Creating a ‘stand out’ culture for B2B brands'

Business Marketing Club

Antenna, Beck Street Thursday 23rd May, 7pm-9pm

Do you want to stand out more? Building a remarkable brand is crucial for the modern business - not just for communicating with and attracting customers but also for attracting and retaining talent. To be successful there is a real need to be clearly different and stand for something more than simply making money. This has to be authentic and lived. Inside and out. Top to bottom. But how do you set a strategy to do this? In this talk I will make the case for stories being the glue to help businesses to convey meaning. I will also introduce a powerful framework of archetypes and storytelling techniques to help you get traction with your culture building.

So - exciting times! See you there.

If you want me to speak at your business event please view my speaking details here and let's have a chat about how I might add some value.

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