Brand Motto

A motto represents a brand to the brand's audience. It's everything the brand wants us to understand boiled down into a beautiful and crisp saying.


“Think different” (Apple)

“The king of beers” (Budwiser)

“Finger Lickin’ Good” (KFC)

“Because I’m worth it” (Lorel)

“Make believe” (Sony)

“The Ultimate Driving Machine” (BMW).

These pithy sayings encapsulate the meaning of the brand to the consumer. The power of them is obvious. They summarise in an easily memorable way the emotional meaning of the brand, drawing and attracting customers to their rallying cry. Their value is in connecting external communications together. A consistent promise which is uttered over and over in TV adverts, websites, social media and in any other communication there is from the brand to its audience. These little sayings get into the heads of customers and stay there. They help people remember you.