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3 videos to help your brand navigate these difficult times

Since the outbreak of the Corona virus has put most of the world into lock-down, I know that businesses are in real pain. We will get through it and bounce back. But until then we need to navigate these tricky waters as brands and leaders.

Recently, I've had the privilege of being involved in quite a few online events, webinars and business networks and been asked for my views - some of these have been recorded and I offer them to you below in the hope that some of the ideas and thinking will also help you through.

Brand Leadership: How to Lead in Uncertain Times with Sunny Bonnell & Ashleigh Hansberger

I teamed up with US brand leadership experts Sunny Bonnell & Ashleigh Hansberger to host this webinar and Q&A. We had nearly 100 leaders sign up from businesses across the world who asked some very interesting questions. This video is a full recording of the Webinar including all the talks, questions, answers and banter.

Topics we discussed:⠀ - Leadership’s role and mindset⠀ - Being forced out of your comfort zone⠀ - Why brand purpose and values are critical - Managing through pivots and reinventions⠀ - How to rally your team - Ideas to keep customers who aren’t paying⠀ - Creativity and finding new opportunities

Length: approx 90 mins

RSVIP Business Network : Brand Leadership in the face of Corona - Matt Davies

This is a Zoom recording of yours truly speaking to members of the RSVIP Networking group on the 27th March (in the first week of Lockdown). I give 5 tips on how to adapt in challenging times. Length: approx 15 mins

Creative Mornings - Identity in COVID19 times

One of the hardest business talks I have had to do - given in week 1 of the Lockdown on the subject of "Identity" for the Creative Mornings Derby community. The talk was videos behind closed doors and put together by the folks at Future Proof Films. Length: approx 40 mins

So - I do hope you find ideas and inspiration in these videos and that they help.

If you had anything specific you were struggling with or wanted to ask a question please do reach out. I will always do what I can to get back to you with something meaningful.


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