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Brand Leadership in Uncertain Times - FREE WEBINAR

Are you a business leader who wants some direction, inspiration and clarity in these difficult times? Take a deep breath and join us on Mon, March 30th at 4pm GMT. REGISTER FREE NOW » I'm teaming up with US 🇺🇸 experts (and wonderful people) Sunny Bonnell and Ashleigh Hansberger to host a live webinar and Q&A to help leaders think through how to navigate these tough times. We’ll provide tons of valuable insight and perspective to help guide you through decision-making, bring clarity, and figure out how to make it through this a stronger brand.

Topics we’ll be discussing:

  • Leadership’s role in branding

  • Embracing the suck and being forced out of your comfort zone

  • Why brand purpose and values are more important than ever

  • Managing through pivots and reinventions

  • How to rally your team

  • Ideas to keep customers who aren’t paying

  • Creativity and spotting new opportunities

  • Planning for the future

You attend if:

  • You’re freaking out

  • You’re lost

  • You’re faced with a big pivot

  • You could use some damn good advice for free


Sunny and Ashleigh are the award-winning authors and founders of Motto, a top NYC branding agency that thinks and designs for brands with purpose to create Ideas Worth Rallying Around®.

Matt Davies (me!) is a solo brand and culture consultant from the UK and was recently listed as a ‘Top 50 UK Advisor’, he is a certified Level-C Brand Specialist, an author (see his book ‘Storyategy’ here: a frequent public speaker, writer and thought-leader in areas on branding, creativity, design thinking, innovation, storytelling and marketing.

It's totally free with the sole objective to serve.

See you online.


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