Do brands really live their values? This tool helps them do so.

Updated: Aug 29, 2019

There is a disconnect.

As a brand consultant, one of the main things I find is a disengagement between the employees of an organisation and an organisations brand values. In most cases I come across, the values are produced by leadership or marketing teams but they don’t mean much to the average member of staff. They are words written on paper. They don’t ladder up or down to anything meaningful.

This is a problem. If the brand is designed to stand for something in the customer's mind yet employees don’t ‘get it’ then customers can begin to have undesirable experiences.

Your Employee Experience (EX) affects your Customer Experience (CX).

Branding is not just marketing.

Another issue I stumble into is that branding often sits with Marketing teams. However, a brand is not simply a marketing tool. It is a leadership and HR tool too. Brand strategy has to be inside and out. I’d argue it has to be inside before it goes out - else it becomes simply a veneer. A claim which is untruthful. A hoax. And in today's social media-fuelled world you will be found out.