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Brand Strategy. What's the point?

What is the point of "Brand Strategy"? Isn't a brand a logo some colours and a font? Why do I need a strategy for that?

No - your brand is not a logo and some colours and a font. Your brand is the meaning people attach to you and your offer. Sure a logo comes into that - it can help them to identify you - but this is not your brand. Your brand exists in the hearts and minds of your audience. All you can do is influence that feeling. And you do that in many ways - not just by a logo.

In the modern, technically advanced times in which we live people have LESS time than ever. However, they do have MORE choices. This new business landscape - which is really only just emerging in the last decade or two - is why it is SO IMPORTANT for you to think about brand strategy.

How are your ideal customers going to:

  • Differentiate between competing offers

  • Make a decision

  • Reduce the risk of wasting their resources (time / money)

  • Know what to expect

  • Notice you

The objective of branding is:

  • To define why you exist beyond making money

  • To define who you exist to serve

  • To focus your efforts on *really* helping them

  • To manage the meaning people attach to you and your offer

  • To simplify consumer and employee decision making

It's surprising how many businesses unwittingly go against these objectives in their actions and behaviours and begin to struggle to make sense of their direction. And if they are struggling how will their ideal customers understand them?

Stop this backwards trend by allocating some resources to discover, define and live an authentic brand strategy.

Can you afford not to? What is your brand strategy?


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