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Branding is glue.

"Glue (noun) - something that binds together" Merriam-Webster Dictionary.

I define a brand as "the meaning people attach to you and your offer". Branding is "the management of meaning". A Brand Strategy is a plan to manage meaning. It defines an audience that we serve and the meaning we want that audience to attach to us. Therefore:

Branding strategy. = A plan that binds.

It's glue. A mindset. A business essential.

Image credit: Scott Sanker  Source: Unsplash

But so many businesses do not take the time to define their brand strategy let alone act on it. What happens? See if you recognise any of these telltale signs:

  • Without it, we constantly think about us. = We forget to think about the customer.

  • Without it, there is little or no leadership alignment. = Decisions are splintered, notjoined-up and thereis often infighting.

  • Without it, there is short term thinking which damages long term prospects. = We hit this quarters numbers butdon’t know how we will be creating value in 10 years.

  • Without it there often arrises a culture which does more damage than good. = Nobody really understands whybut that’s “the way things are done around here”.

  • Without it there is difficulty recruiting and retaining top talent. = The only thing keeping everyone motivated is their next paycheck. They do the minimum.

  • Without it, there are weak, inconsistent, nondistinct and sporadic communications. = Confusion for customers. Lack of pride by staff.

  • Without it, there is no clear or authentic framework upon which to base all business activities (apart from making money). = Commoditization.

  • Without it, poor customer experiences occur. = Reputation damage.

  • Without it, thereis little or no meaningful innovation. = Vulnerability to competitors.

  • Without it, there is a poor analysis of ideas. = Nobody knows if an idea will help or hurt the business long-term.

  • Without it, we don’t know how or who to listen to to ensure we are doing a good job. = We can’t base decisions on what our audiences desire.

  • Without it, there is often no reason for a customer to choose us over our competitors. = No customer loyalty & customers buying on price alone.

Branding is glue.

It’s the glue that sticks your plans to reality.It motivates. It directs. It enhances. It aligns. And it should never be underestimated.


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