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BrandUP Live: Daniel Reid, Head of Marketing at Navitas

How do you create a deeper connection with your customers so they value you, see you as being relevant and keep buying from you - even in difficult times?

The next BrandUP Live webinar I'm hosting is going to be special. We’ll be hearing from Daniel Reid, Head of Marketing at Navitas - a health and safety consultancy from Leicester.

Daniel had only been in his position as Head of Marketing for a few months when Covid hit. He had already begun to work with the Navitas leadership team on their brand strategy - and especially on defining their values. When the crisis hit this early work turned out to be invaluable. Tune in to discover:

➡️ How Daniel and his team used the principles of brand strategy to create meaningful value for customers in difficult times.

➡️ Why brand strategy is essential for managing a business in times of crisis

➡️ What kind of things have worked for Daniel and his team in creating meaningful connections with customers

➡️ How brand strategy helps focus decision making

➡️ How this also helps with informing marketing activities including content marketing and webinars

➡️ An inspirational live case study and story

➡️ Tips and methods you can deploy in your business


Tuesday, November 3rd 2020 at 2PM sharp (UK time)


I'll see you there!


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