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I've joined the Editorial Committee of Branders

I'm delighted to announce I've been invited to join the amazing Editorial team of Branders Magazine.

Branders is a global branding magazine that publishes bi-monthly on a range of industry-relevant topics. I've been privileged to be a contributor over the last 3 years and so its a huge honour to now be part of the Editorial Committee.

Supporting the editor - the team meet regularly to discuss the latest news and trends and to decide what the magazine should publish and say. I'll also have a hand in proposing writers and articles which I'm thrilled about.

The other super talented members of the team that I'm looking forwards to working with are:

👉 Luis Fernando Vergara 🇺🇸

👉 Terri Goldstein 🇺🇸

👉 Cristián Saracco 🇪🇸

👉 Steven Picanza 🇺🇸

If you don't already subscribe, checkout the latest issue here: and watch this space for more amazing brand content coming soon...


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