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Live Q&A this Thursday: Brand leadership in uncertain times

It's happening again 💪. I'm teaming up with amazing US 🇺🇸brand leadership experts Sunny Bonnell and Ashleigh Hansberger. We're on a mission to help as many leaders and businesses navigate the COVID-19 pandemic as we can. This time we're holding a Live Q&A this Thursday, (April 9th), at 4PM GMT (11am EST) to answer your brand and leadership questions IN REAL-TIME for FREE. REGISTER NOW FOR FREE: In our first webinar together, “Brand Leadership: How to Lead Your Brand in Uncertain Times,” we had over 100 leaders sign up from across the world. We had so many questions at the end, that we couldn’t get to them all! That tells us you still need our help. Seriously, ask us ANYTHING. We’ll help you at NO COST. Attend if: ✅ You are feeling overwhelmed ✅ You need personalized guidance on a specific branding issue ✅ You need some inspiration and ideas on how to pivot your business or brand communications ✅ You want some practical tactics to apply right now ✅ You want some ideas on longer-term strategic plays to set you up for success I hope you can join us.


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