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Speaking announcement - DESIGNFAO 🇵🇹

📣 Calling all creatives, designers, marketeers, CX, EX, UX and UI professionals in my network - what are you doing in October? Why not have a team off-site in Faro, Portugal 🇵🇹 and join hundreds of fellow professionals from around the world to be inspired, connect, learn and grow together at the amazing event that is #DesignFAO (

DesignFAO is the conference that brings together Creative People - Whether you are freelance, in-house or agency this one-day event will provide you with inspiration, education, growth, and skills development through deep-dive talks.

I'm excited to be giving one on one of the most useful tools I've come across which helps to build powerful customer experiences and rally teams, bridging the gap between strategy and creative execution. My talk will be on 'The power of Archetypes' and how they can help to align, bring customer centricity to work, inspire and bridge the gap between creative and non creative teams. Participants will learn how to use archetypes as a tool to take their work to the next level.

Other amazing speakers include:

👉 Benny Zuffolini 🐰 - Neurodiversity in the workplace

👉 Bruno Figueiredo - Dealing with design in a post-democratization era

👉 Brittni Bowering - Personal branding specialist for busy professionals

👉 Penny Blackmore - Sell Design, not your soul

Simon Lucas - The importance of Prototyping

👉 💥 Kate Pincott - Trading Physical Assets On The Blockchain

João Miranda - Tudotype. Where type comes first

Did I mention this is in Portugal and so we should be able to enjoy some of the last of the summer sun ☀️! I'm looking forward to a high energy in-person event in an amazing location.

➡️ WHEN:

7th OCTOBER 2022



➡️ HOW:

💥 SPECIAL DISCOUNT 💥 : Because you are in my network feel free to use my personal promo code: MD10 (10% off)

I'll see you there!


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