Six Matt Davies Videos 🎬 on Brand Strategy

It's been a busy few months and somehow I keep getting asked to be involved in live talks, webinars and interviews. I thought I'd collate some of the recorded latest ones here for your viewing pleasure. If you need some inspiration, fancy learning some tips and tricks on brand strategy or are keen to get an in-depth insight into a specific topic within brand strategy then I hope something below will catch your eye👇.

Selling To Humans with CEO Julio Tailor

Live Webinar for Hallam TV

Have you ever wondered what it is that makes you buy a product? Is it a decision that’s driven by your head or your heart? When we get down to the crux of truly great marketing, it’s not about B2B or B2C - it’s simply about selling to humans. In this free hour-long webinar, brand consultant Matt Davies and Hallam CEO Julio Taylor come together to talk about selling in the age of today, and how a combination of emotional storytelling and persuasion is the keystone of digital marketing.

Interview with Marty Neumeier on Mastering Brand Strategy

The JUST Branding Podcast with Jacob Cass