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Six Matt Davies Videos 🎬 on Brand Strategy

It's been a busy few months and somehow I keep getting asked to be involved in live talks, webinars and interviews. I thought I'd collate some of the recorded latest ones here for your viewing pleasure. If you need some inspiration, fancy learning some tips and tricks on brand strategy or are keen to get an in-depth insight into a specific topic within brand strategy then I hope something below will catch your eye👇.

Selling To Humans with CEO Julio Tailor

Live Webinar for Hallam TV

Have you ever wondered what it is that makes you buy a product? Is it a decision that’s driven by your head or your heart? When we get down to the crux of truly great marketing, it’s not about B2B or B2C - it’s simply about selling to humans. In this free hour-long webinar, brand consultant Matt Davies and Hallam CEO Julio Taylor come together to talk about selling in the age of today, and how a combination of emotional storytelling and persuasion is the keystone of digital marketing.

Interview with Marty Neumeier on Mastering Brand Strategy

The JUST Branding Podcast with Jacob Cass

Join Marty Neumeier, Andy Starr, Jacob Cass & Matt Davies as we uncover the ideas, techniques, and principles that you need to become a brand master, starting at Marty’s famous definition of brand, the process of uncovering this definition, as well as Marty’s classic books Brand Gap, Zag & Brand Flip. We explore the future of branding in the C Suite, and what that means for designers & businesses, plus how we can use Metaskills and agile strategy to create better brands. This is an episode not to be missed!

Is your brand HONEST, OPEN and building TRUST (HOT 🔥) right now with Annelies James

Your Events Guy Live Webinar

Being HONEST, OPEN and building TRUST is essential to accelerating our business growth. This is a video from Wednesday 27th May 2020 of a live Webinar where Your Events Guy interviews Personal Brand Expert Annelies James and Culture and Brand Strategy consultant Matt Davies.

Telling your Brand Story - Matt Davies Live interview

Fresh Movement #FreshFriday live interview

The brilliant Gareth Shuttleworth founder of Fresh Movement ( interviews Matt Davies live on 22nd May 2020. We talk about; top tips you can take away to use in your business, "The big questions" of business and brand, the definition of brand, aligning people - internally and externally, why brand thinking needs to be in the boardroom, being authentic, the influence and work of Marty Neumeier and Storytelling.

How to align your leadership behind the same story

Presentation at Barn To Boardroom - Internal Comms event for the Surgery

This talk was delivered by Matt Davies to a global audience of around 100 HR leaders for The Surgery's Barn to Boardroom annual event. The event happened towards the end of the Corona Crisis on June 11th 2020 and so was held online (rather than physically in a barn as it usually is!).

BrandUP - Matt Davies interviews Julio Taylor

Interview for BrandUP - The Online Interviews

As part of the BrandUP Live & Online Interviews, Matt Davies interviews Julio Taylor. In his first interview since being appointed the new CEO of Hallam ( one of the most prestigious digital marketing agencies in the Midlands UK. In this fascinating live discussion. Julio talks to Matt about the meaning of brand, how it's different from Marketing, how businesses need to leverage their brands and his top tips on how to use brand as we come out of Lockdown.

I hope you enjoy these and find some value in them. All the best with building better brands 💪


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