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Storytelling workshops - The Surgery partnership

Are you a leader who works in an organisation that employs more than 50 people? Are people looking to you for inspiration? Do you need to lead your people through change and a reprioritisation of focus? Do you need your leadership team to align around a clear communications plan?

I'm thrilled to announce I'm partnering again with one of the UK's most prestigious internal comms agencies - The Surgery. 💪

Together with Internal Communications Director, Carly Murray and their award-winning senior creative team, we've put together an interactive virtual story-telling workshop to help align your leaders. And believe me - it's good. We based it on work we had done previously - only now it's virtual. It's designed for medium to large businesses to focus in on a strong narrative and communicate it effectively.

It's perfect if:

✅ You need to align your leaders

✅ You need them to communicate a clear narrative

✅ You want to inspire your organisation

✅ You need clarity over your plan With the chaos of the current business landscape, your people are waiting to hear from you on what’s next. This workshop will give you the tools you need to point everyone in the right direction. Find out more, ask us questions or submit your interest here:


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