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Talk announcement Brand: the art of managing meaning

I'm humbled and thrilled to announce I'm partnering with Thirdspace

Singapore 🇸🇬 to deliver a talk and take audience Q & A on my favourite topic of Brand. (Official title: "Brand: The art of managing meaning").

If you are an entrepreneur or founder, seeking to powerfully position your big idea, get funding and rally a team - or if you are involved in brand building in any way I'm hopeful you'll find lots of value in what I'll be presenting.

👉 When: Aug 30, 2022 1:30PM Singapore time 🇸🇬 (6:30AM GMT 🇬🇧, 3:30PM AEST 🇦🇺)

👉 Where: Virtual


How do people view your product, your service, your company, you? What is your brand about? How is it better? Who is it for? Why would people want you, and over your competitors? Do you stand out? We invite you to talk to UK-based brand strategist Matt Davies at Third Space Singapore for a Spark Session and find out how he has successfully helped his clients bring value and meaning to their businesses.

In this session Matt will share tools, ideas and tips for structuring his clients’ strategies and hear how he has led leadership teams all over the world in overcoming challenges to produce magic, magnetic brands. Matt began his career in graphic design which evolved into an obsession with strategy, human capital, creativity and innovation. He is well known in the global brand circle for his skillsets, personal charisma and ability to solve problems with creativity, empathy and strategy, which make him a unique weapon in uniting, exciting, and ensuring a company’s ability to be heard and seen above its competition is maximised.

Sneak Peak:

➡️ Doing brand properly should distinguish a business so it is compelling and understood by the right customers for the right reasons

➡️ Brand strategy should underpin and support a commercial strategy

➡️ Principles of brand building help leaders stick strategy to reality

➡️ Businesses need to look beyond a marketing “veneer” and apply branding to all aspects of their business

➡️ Brand is owned by all functions of a business and needs to be championed by leadership

➡️ Brand principles should be at the heart of your culture strategy and employee experience

➡️ Brand principles should govern your customer experience

Actionable Takeaways

➡️ What a brand strategy is and why businesses need one

Matt's simple (but powerful) Big brand questions

➡️ Tools and methods Matt uses to answer these questions and define a brand strategy

➡️ How to use brand strategy to rally businesses and overcome common business pitfalls

➡️ What a typical process looks like to create and embed a brand strategy in a business

So - I hope you can make it. Grab your ticket today:


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