The Transformational Story - 3 Part Course with Tim Elliott

Do you want to communicate better? As a leader? As a brand? As a business?

Stories are the basis of how we effectively communicate. They are how we make sense of the world around us. They are how we engage, remember and own ideas. They are the connection to ideas. They are how we create meaning.

They are crucial to get to grips with to if you want to connect people to your ideas. If you want to change the world - in a small or a large way - story is how you are going to do it.

I am so pleased to announce I’m teaming up with the marketing legend that is Tim Elliott. We're both seasoned consultants and professionals - both having worked with leadership teams of hundreds of businesses of all shapes and sizes. We are both excited to team up to share huge value around what we have learnt, witnessed, used and taught about the power of storytelling.

Stories change the world. I know, that’s a big claim but its something both I and Tim are really passionate about and that’s why we have teamed up to bring you guys, our audience a new 3 part webinar series. Please let me introduce: