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VIDEO: How to Build Workplace Cultures that People Want to be a Part Of

I'm getting asked more and more by my clients to help them consciously design their workplace culture. But where do you start? How do you define what good looks like and then rally everyone around that?

A few weeks back I had the privilege of being invited by Tom Poland of Leadsology® 🇦🇺 to speak about this on his Podcast "Marketing the Invisible".

The format is fast and furious as guests only have 7 minuets to speak to their topic. See how I did in the clip below.

What we covered:

- Find out how building your workplace culture starts at the heart of your narrative

- Learn more about how you can unlock your brand’s potential through alignment

- Understand the importance of bringing accountability to the alignment of your workplace

Overview blurb:

Have you been struggling with keeping your team aligned? Do you want to know the secret of how you can keep your team intact without the need for constant rehires or micromanagement?

Rehiring isn’t always the answer to your problems. Building a workplace culture that will keep your team aligned and all ideas valued is crucial to the growth and success of your business.

Matt Davies is a brand and culture strategist. He helps business leaders develop and align around powerful brand strategies which inspire. He was also recently listed as one of the UK’s Top 50 Business Advisors.

Sit back and listen to Matt as he talks about one of the best strategies for saving your team and business– making a workplace culture through your narrative.


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