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VisionCamp® - an adventure in vision-making

Leaders - Do you want to make 2023 the best year in business yet?

If so you'll need a strong vision of the future you are trying to create - for you, your business, your customers and your colleagues - but is your vision strong and clear?

Doing big things requires big vision. Vision is the highest form of leadership. It is the single most effective governance tool you possess. Yet, for many leaders, vision is undefined.

BIG ANNOUNCEMENT 📣 - I’m joining forces with two leading business advisors and strategists - the amazing Sunny Bonnell and Ashleigh Hansberger from the US of A 🇺🇸 - to deliver a guided global Visionary Leadership Certification Program like no other.

Introducing VisionCamp®, coming 2023. A virtual visioning course which teaches leaders to cast an inspiring vision others will believe in, rally around, and help build.

VisionCamp® helps you answer the question, “What is my vision, and why should anyone care?”

It helps leaders make confident decisions for the future. Because when you have a clear vision, you make smarter decisions. A strong vision inspires a new reality and motivates you to focus on the right strategies to support that vision.

The "camp" leverages the combined experience of the three of us having worked with hundreds (if not thousands) of business leaders over the last 20 years.

Who visioncamp for:

👉 Startup founders

👉 Entrepreneurs

👉 CEOs

👉 Leaders at every level

What you’ll come away with:

👉 Why the power of vision is essential to building brands, scaling companies, and leading teams

👉 How to craft a thrilling vision for the future of your brand and business

👉 How to talk about your vision so that others care

👉 How to develop a more visionary mindset and be able to make clear vision-driven decisions for the future

👉 A plan to put your vision into action so it becomes real

👉 A network of like-minded visionaries to support you into the future

👉 Inspiration, challenging ideas, and the power to level up

More details are unfolding in the coming weeks and months. Sign up here to join our wait list and get info as we release it:

Join us for an Adventure in Vision-making™!

Let's do this!


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