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What does CX have to do with Brand? Join me and Victoria Taylor in discussion for BrandUP.

Customer Experience (fancy name = "CX"). Has it ever mattered as much? I don't think so. Which is why I'm thrilled to have Victoria Taylor joining us for the next BrandUP Live webinar. Victoria is a CX expert and has worked with some amazing brands including BMW, Tesco, Disneyland, Aston Martin, Lamborghini, Audi, Toni&Guy and Sainbury's to name but a few.

You are invited to join our next webinar where I'll be picking Victoria's brains 🧠 to discover:

➡️ Insights into CX and an understanding of how that links to brand strategy

➡️ How CX can help businesses right now

➡️ Inspirational examples and best practices

➡️ An overview of a CX process designed to help a business grow and thrive

➡️ The power of possibility thinking (note: If you're not doing this, then your brand and your teams are missing out!)

➡️ Practical tools and methods that can be deployed immediately into any business

Ask a question - There will also be audience Qand As (managed by the wonderful Steve Whittle) so if you have a question you'll be able to put it to Victoria.

Join us at this FREE BrandUP Live event on Aug 26, 3-4pm (UK time) online.


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