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I want to help you. Free offer of support.

I know a lot of leaders and business owners are in complete panic mode right now. Their businesses are being pulled out from under them. Their brands are suffering. If this sounds like you, I want you to know you are not alone. This is a time unlike no other - and it is affecting us both professionally and personally. Now is the time to unite and help each other.

In these difficult times, brand thinking can add huge value as it can help guide leadership teams through difficult decision-making processes. It can help bring clarity. It can also help you strategically communicate in ways which will build trust and strengthen your positioning long term - with their staff, customers and partners. It can also help you be innovative and think outside the box. It can help you with a plan.

I want to help you.

I think there are three ways I can do that:

1. Free offer of support

If you need ANY SUPPORT in any tough decisions you may have to make and want another opinion I will happily give free advice.

Please do reach out via my website contact form or direct message and I'll arrange a one to one Zoom call and do everything I can to help you - completely confidentially and for free.

A fresh perspective and a clear head from an outsider is sometimes all you need to get you the clarity you need to make the decisions that make the difference.

2. Online webinars and talks

I will be co-hosting, participating and collaborating in a variety of free webinars and talks over the coming weeks to offer support and advice where I can. Keep an eye out for notifications of these which I'll send over the coming days.

3. Online courses and tools

For those whose businesses are not in crisis mode and are using this time of isolation to innovate and get ahead, I have some super online courses for you. I already have one online course available (Nameit) which will help your team collaboratively come up with a new brand name for a business, product or service. I also have my Brandnostic Tool which helps you to access your brand and look at areas to improve. I have more of this kind of thing on the way and launching very soon. Watch this space.

So - having a tough time? Let me help you.

Together, we've got this.


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