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Most popular posts of 2022

According to my website tracking software, last year my website surprisingly saw nearly 30,000 visitors hit the site and read my content. It's truly amazing to publish ideas which add value and help fellow brand builders.

I always like to look back after the close of one year to see which posts have been most popular. It helps to inform my thinking going into a new year of what content might be useful to others as I go about my work. The value is two way though - the disipline of regular writting helps me to articulate and clarify key ideas in my head also.

Below are the most popular posts of 2022 in case you missed any:

So thats that. My top 10 articles from last year. I hope you find them helpful.

Keep an eye out for content in 2023 as I continue to share ideas, tools, methods and news on brand and culture strategy.


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