Review of Marty Neumeier’s METASKILLS challenge

How do you develop the skills of ‘feeling’, ’seeing’ ‘dreaming’, ‘making’ ‘learning’? How do you stretch your mind so that it can add value in the robotic era? How do you do this whilst there is a global pandemic on?

Back in March 2020, during the early stages of the COVID-19 Pandemic, something special happened. A global challenge was opened for candidate submissions by LEVEL-C. A business headed up by best-selling author Marty Neumeier and his business partner Andy Star to help get brand thinking into the board-room.

This "METASKILLS Challenge" was to occupy 4 months of my work life and below is my review of the experience. I hope it will help to inspire you to put yourself out there a bit, grow and learn new skills.

Background and my personal connection to Level-C

I have been a huge Marty Neumeier fan for years. As I have progressed in my career Marty’s thinking, outlined in his excelling “whiteboard” style books, (Such as The Brand Gap - written in a punchy, principled easy to understand language) have helped me hugely to solve business problems, give me broad concepts to work within and to add value to my clients. Over the years I had had the privileged of corresponding with Marty and he was always very gracious in his replies. I had the privilege of first meeting him in 2017 when, on my recommendation, as part of a team rebranding Capital One, we were able to get Marty to come and speak as the new brand was launched into the business. It was epic. I was next honoured to be included in proofreading and being part of a steering group for Marty’s business thriller “Scramble” (my claim to fame is being mentioned in the credits in the first edition!).

When LEVEL-C announced their first training course in 2019 at the Barbican in London I jumped at the chance. I was privileged to be one of the first people to complete the LEVEL-C Level 1 Masterclass and obtain the accolade of a Certified Brand Strategist (read my full review of this here). It was then I got to know Marty a little more and also Andy Starr, Marty’s passionate business associate. I found them both very genuine, full of know