Silver Star Award - METASKILLS Challenge

So thrilled to have been awarded a Silver Star in Marty Neumeier's LEVEL C METASKILLS Challenge. Such an honour indeed and really humbled to have work recognised by amazing global experts.

I believe that we should be life long learners and that the best way to learn is to put yourself out there, try new things and push yourself. So 4 months ago I signed up to a challenge that promised to teach me new skills, developed existing ones and give me a thrilling ride along the way. It did not disappoint!

The Challange

The challenge was run over a 4 month period (May - Aug 2020) and consisted of 5 modules - each based on one of the five 'Meta-skills' detailed in Marty Neumeier's book "Metaskills - Five talents for the future of work'. Marty Neumeier is an American author and speaker who writes on the topics of brand, design, innovation, and creativity. I am a huge fan of Marty's having read his books, (including helping him proofread his book "Scramble"), got him involved in various speaking gigs over the years and also been personally trained by him in his LEVEL C Masterclasses. He currently serves as Director of CEO Branding for Liquid Agency, a branding agency headquartered in San Jose, California. He is also the founder of Level-C an organisation whose objective it is to get brand thinking into the boardroom and the runners of this competition.