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Happy New Beard

2019 has been a blast:

✏️ x49 blog posts written

🎩 x22 leadership workshops delivered

🗣 x20 public talks given

🎤 x3 podcasts recorded

🏆 x1 2019 'Top 50 Advisor' award won

🏅 x1 'Brand Specialist' certification awarded

📹 x1 Speakers showreel launched

📖 x2 magazine articles published

💼 x17 clients serviced

🎓 x1 University industry fellowship awarded

🤳 x89 bearded selfies taken

🎬 x4 masterclasses filmed (coming soon in 2020 - watch this space!)

Thanks to all those who have supported me this year. I have a feeling next year is going to be even better!

If anyone needs me I will be spending most of the rest of this year in a hot tub recharging. 🥂

To make you chuckle you might also like to follow the instructions below. Ho ho ho.

All the best for 2020. Happy new beard.


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