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My most popular posts of 2021

Last year saw a wopping 50% yearly rise in visitor numbers to my blog - which I’m super chuffed about. It's always interesting to see what content is most popular and so as we start 2022 I thought it would be helpful to look back on the most popular blog posts to give you a little inspiration for your branding building in the year ahead.

Here’s the top ten. Enjoy:

1. Brand behaviours. How to live your brand purpose and values

This post is all about how to translate values in business cultural behaviours. In it I explain a two step process which any business can go through to ensure they are walking the walk not just talking the talk.

2. The 16 Basic Human Desires - An Introduction

Steven Reiss was an American psychologist who was an expert in what makes us tick (or in technical terms: "intrinsic motivation"). He identified 16 basic human desires which I review in this post.

3. Get brand clarity with the Brand Strategy Triangle

My simple strategy framework of the “Big Brand Questions” - the Brand Strategy Triangle. It’s easy to remember. It’s simple. It’s powerful.

4. Questions about using archetypes in branding.

After having the honour to lead a global group of brand strategists through a training workshop on how to use brand archetypes I received a number of questions which I addressed in this post.

5. 5 reasons to focus on customers not competitors

Many business leaders obsess about competitors. And for good reason. But is it the best place to focus our attention? In this post I argue for more obsession on customer insights.

6. Mapping the Brand Experience

A post about how to take a look at the experiences a brand is creating for its customers and employees. A 4 step process and a typical customer journey is outlined.

7. Why marketing should not own branding

What business function should own “branding” (and by that I mean the management of the reputation of the company?). My answer is set out in this post.

8. What is your big brand idea?

The big brand idea is a brands war cry. It is its clarion call. Its rally point. In this post I review the merits of having a big brand idea and how it should influence a business.

9. 5 Steps to designing a company culture programme

Company culture is a tricky beast but with some thought and communication effort it can help to transform a business. This post outlines how a culture programme can be created and used.

10. Book review/recommendation: The Culture Map

I do love a good book. And this one blew my little mind. This guide for navigating cultures is essential to any executive working internationality. Read my review in this post.

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