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My Most Popular Posts of 2020

2020. Flip! What a year! One thing I’ve tried to do though is to continue to blog through it all.

At the start (BC - the time Before Covid!) my aim was to create one meaningful post a week - and by and large, I think I’ve managed to just about do that. It has been tough - especially when client work is obviously always present and there is a global pandemic. But I have found that focusing the mind on topics, trends and methods does actually help with my client work and bring new clients to me who I can help. With one week to go, this is my 51st post and so I think I’m on track to hit 52 posts in a year.

It’s obviously not just about numbers though. It's about quality. That's the real challenge. But there is always fresh brand and culture ideas and tools to share.

Below are the most popular posts of 2020 based on visits. Did you miss any?! Maybe there is some inspiration for your holiday reading? Enjoy!

A simple tool to build a brand from. This triangle is usually how I start most of my engagement with clients. It houses the key quesitons a leadership team needs to answer. Its simple, memorable and looks great when drawn on a whiteboard!

I read quite a bit, and it turns out people are interested in what I read. This series of books are ones tend to recommend to folks looking to break into the consultancy space. They are powerful. Be warned!

How does your business view “design”. In this post, I review the revolutionary tool invented by the Danish Design Center in 2001. It helps you rate where your business is (or maybe your own thinking?) in regards to design methods.

My friend and mentor Marty Neumeier defined ’The Onlyness Statment’ in his book Zag. It’s the ultimate proposition statement as it forces brands to be different. I love working with this statement and in this post, I outline how you can use it to help orientate your business in a powerful new direction.

In this post, I talk directly to business leaders. Pulling no punches I explain the biggest brand problem. That there is often a gap between what a brand says and the reality. I review how you can close the gap. I also explain the three phases to obtain alignment.

As the pandemic hit I was being asked by clients more and more to help them navigate the turbulance. This Brand Pivot process was invaluable. Its an agile and nifty way to ensure you stay relevant in times of chaos. This later became a FREE online course.

I have been running online workshops for some years - particularly with leadership teams spread out across the globe. I kept getting asked by folks for tips and so this post was my attempt to help.

How do you define a brand? That's the subject of this post where I review 22 potential points of definition that you could use to help do this. Note the caveat explained in the post - you don’t need to use all of them!

Businesses get themselves into all sorts of messes as they grow. Brand extensions and acquisitions become confusing and complex. I had a few projects that involved the reorganisation of brand portfolios this year and this post explains the basic models you can use to bring order out of the chaos.

What should brand leaders be asking their customers in times of crisis and change? In this post I outline the key things you need to know from your customers in order to stay relevant and lead your brand effectively.


So there we have it! My most popular posts of 2020.

For all those who have been reading my content - I’d like to extend a hearty thanks 🙏..

If you've enjoyed the content I've been producing there is a couple of things you might like to do:

  • If you haven't already why not sign up for a free e-book be notified as soon as new posts are published? There are some big things planned for 2021 so this will be well worth doing.

  • Connect with me on LinkedIn and drop me a recommendation? I'd be ever so grateful!

WHAT WOULD YOU LIKE ME TO BLOG ABOUT IN 2021? Let me know if there are any subjects or questions you have which you would like my thoughts on. Drop me a message and I’ll do what I can to cover your topic.

I hope you enjoy the upcoming holidays and I wish you all the very best for 2021 and beyond. I’m sure it will be better than 2020!

Thank you. 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏


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