My Most Popular Posts of 2020

2020. Flip! What a year! One thing I’ve tried to do though is to continue to blog through it all.

At the start (BC - the time Before Covid!) my aim was to create one meaningful post a week - and by and large, I think I’ve managed to just about do that. It has been tough - especially when client work is obviously always present and there is a global pandemic. But I have found that focusing the mind on topics, trends and methods does actually help with my client work and bring new clients to me who I can help. With one week to go, this is my 51st post and so I think I’m on track to hit 52 posts in a year.

It’s obviously not just about numbers though. It's about quality. That's the real challenge. But there is always fresh brand and culture ideas and tools to share.

Below are the most popular posts of 2020 based on visits. Did you miss any?! Maybe there is some inspiration for your holiday reading? Enjoy!

1. Get brand clarity with the Brand Strategy Triangle